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Who Said It: Fleabag’s Hot Priest or The Young Pope’s Hot Pope?

Hubba hubba. Photo: HBO and Amazon Studios

We must kneel and give thanks in our daily prayers to Fleabag, which has blessed us with the newest addition to the Hot Young Holy Men canon: Andrew Scott’s priest, known simply to everyone as “the Priest.” He smokes. He drinks gin-and-tonics. He loves a good fuck, both the word and the action. Yes, the Priest is a certified cool priest, kind of like how The Young Pope’s Lenny Belardo (communion snack Jude Law) is a certified cool pope.

Therein lays our fun challenge of the day: Would you be able to choose which of these religious boys said a particular quote if presented with a bunch of them? Below are ten memorable musings from both characters. See how well you can do, and remember to confess your amorous thoughts afterwards.

Who Said It: Hot Pope or Hot Priest?

We'll give you a quote, and you guess the holy roller behind it.

“It's death to settle for things in life.”
“I won't say the names of those who are guilty in this. There are too many of them. We are all guilty.”
“I like that you believe in a meaningless existence.”
“I love God because it is so painful to love human beings.”
“Love is awful! It's awful.”
“Writers are all so obsessed with mystery. They can’t afford to solve the mystery, because the next day they’d become irrelevant.”
“What is more beautiful, my love? Love lost or love found?”
“I fall in love with you, I won't burst into flames, but my life will be fucked.”
“Those that believe in God don't believe in anything.”
“Celibacy is a lot less complicated than romantic relationships.”

Who Said It: Fleabag’s Hot Priest or Young Pope’s Hot Pope?