green juice

Richard Madden Underestimates How Much Green Juice We’d Watch Him Drink

Photo: Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

Much to everyone’s delight, the former King in the North and current Rocketman star Richard Madden has been repeatedly spotted out with Sam Smith’s former boyfriend Brandon Flynn. When the New York Times asked him if the two were an item, Madden simply responded, “I’ve never talked about my relationships.” He then pivoted to sharing his paparazzi-avoidance strategy, which is very similar to one pioneered by Daniel Radcliffe years ago. “I wear the same clothes days in a row, because if it looks like the same day, they can’t run the pictures,” he told the Times. “There’s only so many photos you can have of me with a green juice walking down the street.” Which means Richard Madden has committed the classic blunder of underestimating how much wall space we’ve dedicated to photos of him drinking green juice.

Richard Madden Unaware How Much Juice We’d Watch Him Drink