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Seth Meyers Reveals His Two Favorite SNL Sketches From This Season

Seth Meyers. Photo: Ben Rosser/ for TimesTalk/Ben Rosser/ for TimesTalk

It’s been 5 years since Seth Meyers said good-bye to his full-time job at SNL, where he spent an incredible 14 years as a writer, before moving just down the hall to Late Night. But while speaking at a TimesTalks event on Monday night, Meyers shared a memory from his final episode as a writer: watching the last sketch he’d written for the show bomb. “I was standing under the bleachers with Lorne and we were just watching this last sketch that I wrote play to total silence. And I remember he looked at me and said, ‘What am I gonna do without you?’ It was a really fitting end to things.” While his return to the show as a host in October proved to be a highlight of the season, Meyers has found plenty to like about the show that continues on without him. In a conversation with Vulture after his talk, the Late Night host shared two sketches he thought were the clear winners of season 44.

“The Actress”

The weirdness and melodrama of “The Actress” made it a hit with fans this season, and even seasoned vets like Meyers agree. “I think it was Julio Torres that wrote it,” Meyers told Vulture. “And I’ve found myself consistently delighted by him, and Emma has really grown into one of the show’s go-to hosts.”

“Romano Tours”

The other sketch that stuck with Meyers was “Romano Tours,” a highlight of Adam Sandler’s return to the show. “I mean, I was so, first of all, just thrilled to see Adam Sandler back, but I thought that was such a unique and cool use of him that was different than what would’ve been my knee-jerk first reaction to how to use him.”

Seth Meyers Reveals His Favorite SNL Sketches From This Year