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The SNL Cast Would Like You to Rate Their Adam Sandler Impressions

We don’t want to be the ones to break it to Adam Sandler’s family, but there’s a fair chance he’s been mining them all for comedy gold since he left (er, was fired from) SNL in the ’90s. His nephew? Damn, it’s the Big Daddy kid himself. His other nephew? It’s Little Nicky in the flesh. Hell, that random vested gent is a dead ringer for Bobby Boucher! “I don’t use you guys for material,” Sandler insists. “All right, maybe I borrowed some stuff from you guys, but I swear I did it out of love.” Just don’t tell that to his mom (Kristen Wiig) and dad (Jimmy Fallon). They might not be able to handle it.

SNL Cast Wants You to Rate Their Adam Sandler Impressions