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SNL’s Brutally Honest Tour Guide Wants to Temper Vacation Expectations for You

We didn’t think we’d be getting four free minutes of therapy when clicking on this Adam Sandler sketch, but, well, here we are, and we have a lot to think about with our (nonrefundable, ugh) summer plans. Word to the wise: Are you trying to travel away from your problems? Are you mentally in a place to travel at all? Sandler’s tour guide, pissed at the occasional negative review of his Italian adventures, has some words of wisdom you need to swallow. “If you’re sad now, you might still feel sad there,” he explains. “If you were sad where you are, and then you get on a plane to Italy, you in Italy will be the same sad you from before, just in a new place.” He just wants to be very clear what these tours can and can’t do for you, okay? “It cannot fix deeper issues, like how you behave in group settings or your general baseline mood. That’s a job for incremental lifestyle changes sustained over time,” he adds. “This may sound rude, but I’m trying to temper expectations.” All of a sudden, a Paddington 2 rewatch sounds way better than a Venice day trip.

SNL’s Tour Guide Wants to Temper Vacay Expectations for You