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SNL’s Opera Man Sings What We’re All Thinking About the End of Game of Thrones

There are three more (hopefully not dark) episodes of Game of Thrones left, a fact that should probably leave those HBO ratings executives shvitzing a bit. Sorry, Chernobyl — you’re not the solution! Thank goodness for Adam Sander’s Opera Man, who, with a little help from his tasteful coat and handkerchief, is prepared to tell it like it is, especially when it involves what network executives should expect when (if?) Jon dies again or Daenerys rides her final dragon:“Game of Thrones-ah, almost finito. Molto exciting, edge of my seat-o! We can’t wait for final show-ah. So we can cancel our HBO-ah!” He said it, not us, especially when saving $15 a month is involved.

SNL’s Opera Man Mocks the Demise of Game of Thrones