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Aidy Bryant Had a Slightly More Emo High-School Experience Than Meghan McCain

When Meghan McCain was on Late Night With Seth Meyers last week, the interview made headlines when McCain’s husband went on a Twitter rant against Meyers the next morning. But there was another detail from the interview that went largely ignored: McCain mentioned how she went to the same Arizona high school as Saturday Night Live cast member and Shrill star Aidy Bryant, who recently impersonated McCain in a sketch about The View. When Bryant watched the McCain interview, something really struck her. “She, like, shouts out our high school and is like, ‘Woo woo! Yeah! Xavier College Prep!’ And I definitely was like, ‘Oh, man, we had different experiences of high school,’” Bryant told Meyers. “For her it was a ‘Woo woo!’ and for me it was the darkest opposite.” To prove it, Bryant shared an old self-portrait she drew of herself in high school, and … well, yeah, it’s pretty damn dark. “I have to say, it was 2005 — it was kind of cool to be emo, and I was livin’ that very hard.” Come for the details about Bryant’s super-emo high-school days, stay for the part at the end when she tells Meyers all about her Italian cheese-factory honeymoon with Conner O’Malley.

Aidy Bryant Was More Emo in High School Than Meghan McCain