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Chris Kattan and Jimmy Fallon Trade ‘More Cowbell’ SNL Memories

A mini-SNL reunion took place on The Tonight Show last night when Jimmy Fallon caught up with Chris Kattan, so it was only natural that the conversation eventually became a walk down SNL-sketch memory lane. In the above clip, Fallon and Kattan look back on starring together in the instantly iconic “More Cowbell” sketch with host Christopher Walken, which they both get asked about by fans all the time. For Kattan, the part of the sketch that sticks out to him the most is the moment when Will Ferrell learned that Kattan is much stronger than he looks (“I’m built like an ant,” he says). But for Fallon, the most standout memory was the moment Ferrell’s sunglasses flew off, “and then I looked at the eyes of a psycho.”

Kattan also revealed the origins of some of his most popular recurring characters, including Mr. Peepers and the Roxbury Guys. Did you know that Mango, for instance, was a mix of Kattan’s Russian ex-girlfriend and a very flirty Dalmatian, and was named after a real stripper? It’s true!

Chris Kattan and Jimmy Fallon Trade ‘More Cowbell’ Memories