SNL’s Cut-for-Time Sketch Presents an Extreme English Tea for Extreme English People

Saturday Night Live must have been inspired by last week’s news that a new company is planning to sell water in cans called Liquid Death, because in the latest “Cut for Time” sketch from Emma Thompson’s episode, a similar beverage gets the EXTREME!! treatment. In a commercial parody for a new tea called Twinings Extreme, we’re introduced to a new line of Twinings products made specifically for high-energy English athletes, a.k.a. “Tea for sport!” With Twinings’s three new blends — English Breakfast XL, Darjeeling Octane, and Earl Grey RX — sport-loving Brits finally have a tea that’s as active as they are, and it’s all made conveniently on the go thanks to the new Twinings portable sport kettle. So buy yourself some Twinings Extreme today, because as the ad says, it’s time to “cool down with a hot tea.”

SNL Made an Extreme English Tea for Extreme English People