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Unspeakable Deeds Were Done in Johnny Galecki’s Big Bang Theory Dressing Room

Now that we’ve had time to digest The Big Bang Theory’s pretty satisfying finale, we can divert our attention to the most pressing matters at hand: Who fucked in their dressing rooms? And with whom? Also, what were the dimensions of their dressing rooms? A low-key randy Johnny Galecki was more than happy to cop to his impulses while on The Late Show, but his ex-girlfriend, Kaley Cuoco, wanted to make sure nobody thought she was on the receiving end of his one-way tickets to Bone Town. “I have to be honest!” Galecki said. “And that did not include me, just FYI,” Cuoco added with a laugh. Geez, this is some pretty bizarre Penny and Leonard fanfiction.

Johnny Galacki Loved Big Bang Theory Dressing Room Sex