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The Mad Scientists at the CW Found a Way to Turn Nancy Drew Into Spooky Riverdale

The CW has ordered a TV adaptation of Nancy Drew to series, and we really can’t stress enough that this show is going all in on the ghosts. The trailer basically transports the dark and sexy vibe of Riverdale into another typically more earnest young-adult property, with Kennedy McMann playing a brooding version of the young sleuth who ends up falsely accused of murder! She investigates, and of course, ends up messing with a ghost, or at least a supernatural occurrence that may well be explained by a skeptic like Drew herself. If the ghosts do exist, however, we can guarantee they’ll have incredible abs. This is the CW, they have standards.

In other CW trailer news, the network also released a new trailer for the Ruby Rose–starring Batwoman.

As well as a trailer for the Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene, which is like if Smash, The Carrie Diaries, late-season Glee, and late-season Gossip Girl raised a child together as a polycule.

The CW Has Turned Nancy Drew Into Spooky Riverdale