The Sickest Burns From 7 Seasons of Veep


With colorful phrases like “oil-splattered cow fucker” and “unstable piece of human scaffolding,” Veep has never been a show to pull punches in the insult department. To celebrate the finale of the iconic political satire, enjoy this collection of some of the most hurtful jabs thrown around by Selina Meyer and her sociopathic compatriots.

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  1. Taylor Garron and Chanel James Made a Whole Movie From Separate Homes
  2. Matthew Rhys Walks Us Through Getting Humped Off a Bed
  3. Sam Richardson Is Daddy and He Is Familiar (With Guns)
  4. Tom Stourton’s Face was Not Allowed to Play Edward Snowden
  5. Elijah Wood Is Just a Really Nice Guy, Honestly
  6. Michael Ian Black Owns a Robot Car
  7. Allow Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald to Convince You to Move to L.A.
  8. Meeting the Greatest Band You’ve (Maybe) Never Heard Of
The Sickest Burns From 7 Seasons of Veep