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Tim Robinson Explains How I Think You Should Leave Cast That ‘Stinky’ Guy

Saturday Night Live alum Tim Robinson dropped by Late Night last night to catch up with his old pal Seth Meyers, who happens to be a huge fan of Robinson’s new Netflix sketch-comedy show, I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson. After running through some fellow SNLers that appear on the show, Robinson and Meyers finally get to talking about I Think You Should Leave’s viral and super-meme-able breakout star Ruben Rabasa, previously known by many as a Spanish-language TV star but now known by Tim Robinson fans as the extremely funny old guy who yells “Stinky!” during the car focus-group sketch. After Robinson says that he and Zach Kanin were “blown away” by Rabasa’s audition, Meyers says, “I will say, watching this, I’ve thought, Oh my God, you’ve found the perfect person for a Tim and Zach sketch, cause he’s real crazy.” Here’s hoping Netflix renews Tim’s show so we can get more Rabasa content like this ASAP:

Tim Robinson on How I Think You Should Leave Cast Stinky Guy