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Despite Kim Kardashian West’s Appearance, Paris Hilton’s New Music Video Is Hardly an Ode to Butts

Earlier this month, DJ Paris Hilton dropped her eighth single, “Best Friend’s Ass,” with producers Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, and now the music video with her apparent BFF Kim Kardashian West has arrived. In a video that’s hardly an ode to behinds, two friends traipse into an exclusive warehouse party and put on glowing sunglasses, transforming themselves into the heiress herself and YouTube beauty influencer Nikita Dragun at an opulent nightclub where confetti and cash fall from the ceiling and everyone is drinking Bliss water. In two quick spotlights, Hilton circles around West, who once called her behind a “work of art,” and whispers in her ear. Sure, the video is meant to be a “satiric look on today’s VIP clubbing and social media life.” But when the cast boasts nearly 200 million followers on Instagram combined — not to mention Hilton’s own nine-figure net worth, it’s hard to imagine Hilton ever found herself at a club where some guy is passed out on newspapers with Cheetos lining his bare, hairy tummy.

Paris Hilton’s New Music Video Is Hardly an Ode to Butts