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The Trailer for Midsommar Promises an Absolutely Terrible Summer Festival Experience

If you haven’t shaken off the trauma from Hereditary yet, book your therapist for multiple sessions this week, because Ari Aster’s second feature film is on its way. The writer and director’s second feature, Midsommar, has a full trailer now, and Aster’s Wizard of Oz for perverts” looks to revolve around a far worse time than Fyre Festival. Dry sandwiches of cheese and bread bringing you down? Try sitting on the floor, screaming, with a bunch of Swedish cult disciples! Midsommar follows a struggling couple as they take a break from their daily troubles at a pastoral summer celebration that comes around only once every 90 years. Everyone is wearing flowing crowns, and the sun never stops shining, but based on the trailer, there is also a lot of wailing, blood, and, for some reason, a massive bear being dissected on a table. See Aster’s latest horror show in theaters starting July 3.

Watch the Trailer for Ari Aster’s Twisted Midsommar