2019 tony awards

James Corden Celebrates the Best Part of Broadway in Tony Awards Opening Number: It’s Live!

James Corden knows your Sunday nights are filled with indecision and dread, trying to sort through the hundreds of hours of television you keep meaning to watch. Rather than choosing between Chernobyl and Fleabag tonight, however, the late-night host invites you to enjoy some live musical numbers instead. In his opening number for Sunday night’s 73rd annual Tony Awards, James Corden transports you to Broadway, and you don’t even have to change into your good sweatpants to go.

“Actual people in an actual space, watching actors that are actually there!” he promises. It’s a show so live, Corden even catches Bryan Cranston sneaking off to the bathroom. Whether they’re on the Tonys stage or the actual Great White Way, live performances remain the best thing you could possibly watch. Oh, that and Fleabag. And Chernobyl. And all those Law & Order episodes that has paid Broadway performers’ rent for centuries. Thank you, television, for everything you give us!

James Corden Celebrates Live Theater in Tonys Opening Number