emmys 2019

Several Actors Just Got Disqualified From Emmys Voting for Breaking the Rules

Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Several performers have been disqualified from Emmys voting after the Television Academy said they were “engaged in or advocated for block voting.” Block voting is a strategy by which voters agree to vote together for one or more specific projects. According to Yahoo, members had in the past expressed frustration with the practice, leading to stricter rules this year amid a crackdown. While the Academy has not released the names of the performers disciplined ⁠— or indicated how many there were⁠ — in a memo obtained by The Hollywood Reporter it promised to continue to take action against rule breakers. In another email obtained by Deadline, the Academy president and COO said that the Academy had “disqualified these members from the 2019 Emmy Awards competition, invalidating both their ballot entries and any votes they may have cast. In addition, their conduct may be referred to the Conduct Review Committee for further disciplinary action.” Sources told THR that those who were disqualified were informed Wednesday afternoon just before the wider membership was notified.

Actors Disqualified From Emmys Voting for Rule Violations