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After the Wedding Trailer: A Julianne Moore–Michelle Williams–Billy Crudup Love Triangle

What the hell is going on in After the Wedding? Julianne Moore is Theresa, very wealthy and glamorous; Michelle Williams is Isabel, the humble owner of an orphanage in Kolkata. When Isabel and Theresa set a meeting to get to know each other and discuss the terms of Theresa’s very large donation to the orphanage, Isabel catches sight of Theresa’s husband — Billy Crudup! It seems like Isabel and Billy Crudup had a very sexy secret history (“I told you I would call you,” he says. “But you didn’t,” she replies curtly) that is news to Theresa. Money! Whisper arguments! Intrigue! See After the Wedding, based on Susanne Bier’s 2006 film, in theaters August 9.

After the Wedding Trailer: Michelle Williams, Julianne Moore