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Keanu Reeves’s Ridiculous Laugh, Performed by Ali Wong

Meme superstar Keanu Reeves is known for many things — being immortal, being sad, riding a horse through Brooklyn — but his infectious laughter is not really one of them (yes, there’s that one scene from The Devil’s Advocate, where he laughs like an air horn, but that doesn’t really count). Though maybe Keanu has been hiding his chuckles from us all these years because, according to Ali Wong, his laugh is super weird. Wong sat right in front of him at the premiere of their romantic comedy, Always Be My Maybe, and got to witness every single thing Reeves laughed at.

“He hadn’t seen any footage of the movie, so I didn’t know how he was going to react,” Wong explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “The whole time I hear him go, ‘HAHA. HA. HAHA. HA. HAHAHA. HAHA. HA.’”

Okay, trust us, you have to listen to it. Keanu Reeves’s stunted guffaw — or, at least, Ali Wong’s impression of it — sounds like a playground bully trying to be villainous after kicking sand at you. It sounds like a robot learning humor. Somehow, his laugh knows he’s an eccentric actor with millions of dollars in the bank.

“[His laugh] sounds very disingenuous, but if you spend time with Keanu, that’s his laugh,” Wong insists. If he did that all the way through Always Be My Maybe, we can’t even fathom what his reaction to Baby Cobra was.

Keanu Reeves’s Ridiculous Laugh, Performed by Ali Wong