Alison Brie Wants Community’s Much-Prophesied Movie to Be on Netflix

Photo: Vivian Zink/NBC

The iconic battle cry of “six seasons and a movie” will linger on for Community fans until 1) They pass away, or 2) The movie gets made, so we’re pleased to report the non-mortality option is looking way more promising at the moment. And that’s because Alison Brie, a.k.a. Little Annie Adderal, a.k.a. the woman who inspired the primate moniker Annie’s Boobs, says she’d love to do the movie, given that some simple requirements are met.

“Yeah, I think I would,” she told Pop Culture when asked about the film. “I mean, look, it’s like, are we going to do the movie? I feel like if the Community movie ever gets made, it should just be made for Netflix, and it would be fun to do, but I think it would be best if we could get everyone to do it, so I feel like that might be difficult.” Given that most of the cast (as well as creator Dan Harmon) have remained good pals and expressed interest in reuniting to fulfill the catchphrase prophecy, never say never. Just remember, stranger things have happened, like the time Greendale was plagued by a bandit who loved ass cracks and coins.

Alison Brie Wants to Do a Community Movie for Netflix