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Do You Still Wanna Be a Teacher After Watching Renata’s Big Little Lies Climate Change Meltdown?

Renata (Laura Dern) is mad as hell about people talking about climate change and she’s not going to take it anymore. Well, technically, she does realize climate change is a legit thing and seems pretty bummed by it, but do you know where she doesn’t want such a depressing topic brought up? In a second-grade classroom, a.k.a. in the vicinity of her darling daughter Amabella. Her little brain can’t handle it! She’ll run straight to a closet! “What possesses idiots like yourself to teach 8-year-olds that the planet is doomed,” she yells at the school’s principal and teacher. “Good for you, you deconstructed my daughter into a coma. I will be rich again. I will rise up! I will buy a fucking polar bear for every kid in this school. And then, I’ll squish you like the bug that you are.” You know what? We totally believe it. We’ll take a fluffy polar bear straight from the Arctic Circle, please.

Enjoy Renata’s Big Little Lies Climate Change Meltdown