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Catch Up on Seasons 1-3 of Veronica Mars on Hulu Before the Revival

Everyone’s favorite pint-size private eye is coming to Hulu with new episodes July 26. But on July 1, you’ll be able to binge seasons 1-3 of the iconic neo-noir. All O.G. episodes of Veronica Mars will be coming to Hulu ahead of the revival. It’s time for everyone to figure out exactly why enough people loved this show that it became a book, a movie, and a show again. See all the stars that weren’t stars yet, including Jessica Chastain, Adam Scott, Tessa Thompson, and Kristen Bell herself. Look out for Paris Hilton in episode two! And finally, there will be a place to work out ones feelings re: the many loves of Veronica Mars. Who’s your favorite? Officer Mushmouth (Leo), the Platonic Ideal of Tortured Bad Boy (Logan), or Some Guy (Duncan)?

Binge Every Episode of Veronica Mars Before the Revival