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Céline Dion Stopped Her Final Las Vegas Show So One Attendee Could Pee

Photo: Dave Simpson/WireImage

All good things must come to an end, especially after 16 years of being blessed by a Canadian angel in a Nevada desert. On Saturday evening, Céline Dion played the final show of her Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace, giving us two final gifts as thanks: A new power ballad called “Flying on My Own,” and a delightful viral moment where she waited for one of the attendees to come back from the bathroom to continue her show. “We all waited for you! 4,300 people waited for you! Take your time now,” Dion teased upon his return. “How sweet is that? Of course he’s broke. Two tickets, you come and see this last show. Of course he’s broke. Of course I’m gonna wait for you, baby, to come back.”

“I’m supposed to know what to say,” Dion said as parting words, per People. “There are lots of wonderful memories, you know, but it’s kind of strange at the same time, because when they started to put it together I was here and it was like, I don’t know. Then I must have misunderstood something because I thought I was going to be here for three months or something like this, and here we are 16 years later. Maybe we have saved the best for last.” Near, far, wherever she should go next, at least we have two films to look forward to.

Céline Dion Stopped Final Vegas Show So Attendee Could Pee