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Dana Carvey and Conan O’Brien Are Making a Podcast Miniseries

Dana Carvey and Conan O’Brien: two nerdy comedians who taste great together. That sounds dirtier than it should. Carvey was recently a guest on O’Brien’s podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, and the two had such a fun time that they decided to record more stuff together. “We have a very similar sense of humor,” said Carvey. “It’s very acidy, redundant phrases that make our brains happy.” In one word, how could we characterize this shared sensibility? Conan said their humor is “silly,” while Carvey preferred “abstract.” The boys settled on “stupid.” The podcast, Deep Dive with Dana, will come out in July on Stitcher Premium.

Dana Carvey and Conan O’Brien Made a Podcast Miniseries