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Oh Jeez, Did Another Bachelorette Contestant Have a Side Chick, Too?

Photo: Robert Clark/ABC

Bad news comes in threes, so we hope this new Bachelorette intel will be the natural conclusion to (1) Luke being a gaslighter, and (2) Jed likely being an opportunist who played Hannah Brown like a fiddle. After a widely circulated Twitter post claimed that a current Bachelorette contestant, Peter the Sensual Delta Pilot, dumped his long-term girlfriend when the show offered him a spot, Reality Steve is now reporting that it interviewed the woman and confirmed the rumor weeks ago. However, the interview is not set to be published anymore, as the anonymous woman doesn’t want to have “her story out there” after seeing the backlash and online vitriol lodged against Haley Stevens, the woman who came forward with her allegations about Jed. (As a reminder, Stevens claims that she and Jed were in a serious relationship and that he only went on the show to get exposure for his music career.)

Reality Steve still confirmed a few details, though, insofar that Peter and the woman had been dating for a significant amount of time — and they even took a vacation to Switzerland weeks prior to the “out of the blue” breakup. Another person to hop in the franchise for the wrong reasons? A true shock!

Oh, Another Bachelorette Contestant Had a Secret Girlfriend?