Will You Ever Be As Happy About Anything As Drake Is About the Raptors Winning the NBA Finals?

No. The answer is no.

Drake’s personal basketball team, the Toronto Raptors, won the NBA Finals in game six. Nobody has worked harder for this to happen than Aubrey, who single-handedly trolled the Golden State Warriors into submission. These finals have been a fight for Drake’s body and soul, with his Warriors tattoos warring with his Toronto pride. The result was many meme-able faces and constant, constant posting. For those who find Drake tiresome, your long nightmare is over. That is, unless he decides to rap about this victory. But that could never happen, could it?

Update 10 p.m.: Drake posted on Instagram that he is releasing two new songs tomorrow, “Omertà,” and “Money in the Grave” featuring Rick Ross.

Will You Ever Be As Happy As Drake After Game 6?