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Air Drake Flies Over Toronto While Land Drake Celebrates His Personal NBA Title

Photo: Frank Gunn/AP

Today is the day the Toronto Raptors celebrate being NBA champions. The champagne bottles are being passed around; cigars are being smoked; Kawhi Leonard is putting his apples aside for a brief period of indulgence; and yes, Drake is having the time of his life on the team’s parade bus. The Raptors ambassador showed up to the festivities looking thrilled, even if some in his security detail did not. Here’s how Aubrey Graham is celebrating the team’s win, and possibly lobbying for that Sixth Man of the Year title.

Here’s Drake with Leonard, the Finals MVP and guy who loves to rage.

Here is Drake generally enjoying the vibe while Leonard teases the gargantuan contract he’s about to get from some team that might not be Toronto.

Here is someone repeatedly screaming “Oh my god!” while Drake chugs a beer that was tossed to him from the crowd.

And here’s Drake’s plane, Air Drake, doing a victory lap over the city.

So congratulations to Drake, who will be dining out on this Raptors title until the end of time.

Drake and His Personal Plane Celebrate NBA Championship