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Avengers: Endgame Rerelease: Here’s What Happens in the 6 Extra Minutes of Footage

Photo: Michael Grimm

Avengers: Endgame is being released in theaters this weekend, bringing fans a little bit of extra footage while also boosting the Marvel movie’s mission to displace Avatar as the highest-grossing movie of all time. (Robert Downey Jr. is not even being low key about the mission.) So what will you be getting when you pony up for another ticket, besides maybe some personal delight in dethroning James Cameron? Post-credits footage! Here’s what fans will find in Endgame redux:

A Tribute to Stan Lee

The first thing you’ll see after a list of the army of people it took to make Endgame real is a lovely little in-memoriam homage to Stan Lee. Marvel cut together behind-the-scenes footage of Lee shooting his cameos and B-roll of him being super happy over and over again about how massive this whole comic book thing became before the end of his life. It’s nice.

A Deleted Scene With Half a Hulk

Co-director Anthony Russo pops back in after the Lee tribute to introduce a deleted scene. They loved it, he says, but had to leave it on the cutting-room floor. As such, it’s unfinished, which makes it almost feel like a parody version of a Marvel outtake. The scene opens on a burning building with flames that are very much not done being rendered. Then a something shoots through the sky, lands on the roof, and jumps down to the street, bringing a big old satellite dish with it. It’s Professor Hulk! Mostly! He filled the dish with people to save them from the fire, and since the scene wasn’t fully completed in post he looks like a video game character from 2003. He’s in Hulk mode but speaking in Bruce Banner’s voice, so we know he’s merged into Professor Hulk, but his lips don’t move and he’s not fine-tuned enough to have any expressions. Once we come to understand that Hulk has remained on casual hero duty since The Snap, he gets a phone call: “Steve who?” he asks. Presumably that’s when he and Cap made their pancake date to talk about quantum physics and time travel.

A Spider-Man: Far From Home Button

After pseudo-Hulk comes one last thing. We open on another scene, this time of devastation in a Mexican town. A gratuitous Audi SUV comes rolling up through the wreckage and out steps Nick Fury and Agent Maria Hill. Apparently a cyclone has ravaged the area, and according to people on the ground, that cyclone had a face. Hill and Fury then come upon a very bearded and sexy Jake Gyllenhaal in the form of Mysterio. That’s when you realize “Oh! This is a Far From Home plug!” The cyclone-with-a-face-monster then emerges behind the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and Mysterio tells them to get the hell out of there. (The monster and Mysterio’s big green blast of magic also appear in this little clip.) That’s when we cut to the title, reminding you that the next Marvel (and Sony) movie arrives in but one week! You can even stay in this version of the multiverse to see it.

This Is What Happens in the Extra Avengers: Endgame Footage