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George Clooney Is a Lonely Scientist on the Prowl (for a Spaceship) in Netflix’s New Film

Photo: Jeff Spicer/WireImage

The Cloon can only hide under cinematic shrubbery for so long. After a brief dalliance with television for Hulu’s Catch-22, George Clooney is returning from a three-year movie hiatus and perpetual Italian vacation for Netflix’s Good Morning, Midnight, which he will star in and direct. Per THR, the postapocalyptic drama follows “the parallel stories of Augustine, a lonely scientist in the Arctic, as he races to make contact with the crew of the Aether spacecraft as they try to return home to Earth.” Things go awry, perhaps more so than Vulture mistaking Good Morning, Midnight for Clooney’s other G-word opus, Good Night, and Good Luck for almost the entirety of writing this article. At least we have until 2020, the film’s intended release, to get our periods of the day straight.

George Clooney Is a Lonely Scientist in a New Netflix Film