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Seth Meyers Didn’t Cancel His Show for His Son’s Birth, But He Did for Rihanna

New pals! Photo: NBC Universal

Seth Meyers’s massive crush on Rihanna finally came full circle last week, when the duo embarked on an afternoon of day drinks, cunnilingus advice sessions, and makeovers for our entertainment. It was one of the most enjoyably dirty late-night segments in recent memory, which gets even more amusing when you realize the behind-the-scenes hustle that went on at NBC to make it happen. As Meyers told Variety in a new interview, Late Night had to convince the network to air a mid-week rerun and cancel a new taping to accommodate the shoot (which lasted about three hours), since there was no way Meyers could return to work in his inebriated state. “It was a very speedy approval from NBC,” Meyers explained. “I do want to point out that this was only the second time we’ve had to cancel a show, and the other was the birth of my first son. For the birth of my second son, I just went to work the next day. So the order goes, my first son, Rihanna, my second son.” That sounds about right.

Also, don’t worry. His second son will likely understand. “Once I introduce him to her work,” Meyers added, “I think he will applaud the decision.”

Seth Meyers Cancelled His Show for Rihanna, But Not His Son