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Did Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland Intentionally Cosplay A Night at the Roxbury?

When Jake Gyllenhaal arrived at the Spider-Man: Far From Home premiere in a shiny jewel toned suit and rocking a silver chain, it raised troubling questions. Questions like Are jewel tones back? What about chains? Is it cultural appropriation now, or is Jake fine? But when Tom Holland appeared in a similarly jewel toned suit (sans chain), an even more troubling thought entered the internet’s head: Are these boys doing a Roxbury?

There are plenty of reasons to believe this isn’t the case. A Night at the Roxbury premiered in 1998, when Tom Holland was 2 years old. It did not perform well at the box office, which makes it all the more unlikely that anyone took a Toddler Holland to see it. And the last time the film was in the news cycle, it was in reference to on-set sexual misconduct allegations. Chris Kattan alleges that Lorne Michaels pressured him to sleep with Roxbury director Amy Heckerling. This is not the kind of heat you want attached to your fun spider movie. Furthermore, if it was a full cosplay, wouldn’t Tom also have a chain? But on the other hand, Jake Gyllenhaal’s love of Tom Holland has been getting him some of the most fawning press coverage since he watched Kirsten Dunst eat a salad. He’s also been known to get up to some kooky shit, like allegedly constantly framing pictures of himself. It would make sense for Gyllenhaal to do something buddy-buddy with Holland, and an outsider choice at that.

I like to think Gyllenhaal planned this whole thing, with matching chains, but that Tom Holland left his chain in the car. The exact same thing happened on Vanderpump Rules, but with Tom Sandoval and coordinating short suits.

Did Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland Wear Roxbury Guy Suits?