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Emma Boettcher Shrugs Off Alex Trebek’s Comparison to James Holzhauer

On Tuesday evening, our whimsical returning Jeopardy! champion, Emma Boettcher, picked up another decisive win after whipping James Holzhauer into shape the day prior. She cashed in $24,600 to her grand total, but what we’re currently fixated on isn’t her robust knowledge of parasitic plants or Germany-adjacent countries: It’s the telling uh-huh, sure look she gave Alex Trebek when he likened her very common Daily Double strategy — betting all the money she had, also known as “a true” Daily Double — to Holzhauer. “Oh, okay, influenced by James, are we?” Trebek said, getting a very GIF-able response in return. “All right!” She got the clue correct, obviously.

Emma Boettcher Shrugs Off Trebek’s Comparison to Holzhauer