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Jimmy Kimmel Paws Through Tom Holland’s Unmentionables in Spider-Man: Far From Home Parody

In case you were hyped for a real deleted scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night, your hopes were dashed just as soon as the sketch began. It wasn’t the Jimmy Kimmel cameo that gave it away; honestly, it wouldn’t surprise us at all to see him in a Marvel movie. No, it was the idea that a Queens-based laundromat owner would ask a customer why his skin-tight full-body pajamas had to be dry cleaned every 48 hours.

Or why his pajamas are also constantly full of giant holes. Or why that exact guy with those exact pajamas is always on television near a bus crash or bridge collapse. In real life, Jimmy would know enough to let sleeping laundry lie. Of course, in real life Tom Holland’s alter-ego alibi (he’s an influencer with a sweating problem and a giant moth infestation in his apartment) wouldn’t make a New York City resident bat an eye either, so maybe Marvel’s saving that specific backstory for a more local superhero. Pizza Rat Man, perhaps?

Kimmel Grills Tom Holland’s Laundry in Far From Home Parody