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John Cena Is Officially Bringing So Many More Muscles to Fast & Furious 9

Photo: Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

The wardrobe department for Fast & Furious 9 better get ready to let out some sleeves, because some gargantuan triceps just joined the franchise. Deadline confirmed today that John Cena will board the ninth Fast installment, a move that was basically announced by Vin Diesel in an Instagram post back in April. Cena’s role is being kept a secret for now, but Deadline also reports that the Rock is not slated to come back for 9, which means it needs another house-size professional wrestler to stare down his nose at Diesel, throw out comedic one-liners, and do things like flex so hard he rips through plaster casts. Cena almost assuredly will be driving cars in this movie, but given the size of the man, it might be cooler if he just picked them up and swung them at people like a baseball bat. No candy-asses allowed.

John Cena Bringing So Many More Muscles to Fast & Furious 9