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John Early and Kate Berlant’s New Video Will Make You Deeply Uncomfortable

Today is a great day because there’s a brand-new video for us all to enjoy from John Early and Kate Berlant that’s equal parts funny and creepy as hell. Directed by Andrew DeYoung, the ten-minute short Rachel — which is “based on true events” and described by Berlant as a “thriller” centers on a party at Early’s house, for which Berlant shows up as a mysterious and increasingly irritating guest. To say much more about the video would give away too much of its magic, so if you have ten minutes to spare, check out the whole thing for yourself. A helpful tip, though: If the short doesn’t creep you out enough, be sure to stick with it until you see the special treat that shows up right after the end credits, which really drives home the “based on true events” thing.

Let John Early & Kate Berlant Make You Deeply Uncomfortable