John Mulaney Subjects Himself to Tan France’s Makeover Torture

In the wake of the news that Netflix has handed out a double-season renewal to Queer Eye, the streaming network figured it was time for a little more synergy between some of its most beloved stars. The result is this episode of Tan France’s web series Dressing Funny with John Mulaney, a very funny comedian who supposedly used to write for SNL. Mulaney is an excellent sport when it comes to subjecting himself to France’s fashion-makeover antics and attempts to transform him into “fuckable John,” even giving him a Pete Davidson–style outfit just to see how it will work (to be fair, Mulaney did that voluntarily months ago). France’s efforts here are commendable, but still, Mulaney says at one point that all he ever wanted was to be “an entertainer in the ’50s,” and his style has always reflected that quite well. Let the man live his truth!

John Mulaney Subjects Himself to Tan France Makeover Torture