The ‘Good Burger’ Sketch Returns With a Visit From the Jonas Brothers

For ’90s kids, Nickelodeon’s All That was like training wheels for future Saturday Night Live fans, and it came full circle when Mr. Pierre Escargot, Kenan Thompson, grew up and became an SNL cast member himself. Now that Nickelodeon has revived the series with Thompson’s help, we can rest assured that the kids of 2019 are well on their way to becoming the sketch-comedy nerds of tomorrow.

But the new All That isn’t forgetting its roots, as shown in the new sneak peek released this week featuring the Jonas Brothers and Thompson’s old pal Kel Mitchell. Yes, it’s the return of the “Good Burger” sketch — and the return of the “We’re All Dudes” song from the Good Burger movie. (Fun fact: When Mitchell joined the cast of All That in 1994, Nick Jonas was exactly one year and seven months old.) If you’re more of a Lori Beth Denberg fan, not to worry — no word on new “Vital Information” yet (a.k.a. “Weekend Update” training wheels), but Denberg also returned for the revival as the Loud Librarian.

The All That YouTube channel is currently filled with a bunch of vintage sketches, including all the Amanda Bynes, Repairman-man-man, and Kenan & Kel content an All That fan could need. And for the perfect comedy crossover, there’s this old sketch featuring Kenan alongside Chris Farley in “Cooking With Randy!”

The new All That debuts on Nickelodeon tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m.

‘Good Burger’ Returns With a Visit From the Jonas Brothers