King Kong and The Cher Show Are Closing on Broadway

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

If you had plans to see either King Kong or The Cher Show on Broadway at some point, hopefully they were soon, as both shows announced on Tuesday evening that they would close on August 18. “Telling Cher’s life story on Broadway has been a joy,” producer Flody Suarez said in a statement. “Watching audiences relive her empowering story through six decades worth of iconic songs, movies, costumes, and relationships has been incredible.” But don’t fret, you will still get a chance to see the musical that Kanye had to apologize to. The Cher Show is launching a North American tour in October of 2020. You’ll have to go a little farther out of your way to catch King Kong, however, since it’s set to open in Shanghai in 2021. However, the production did say in their statement that a “North American tour, as well as productions in Japan and Spain, are in development.”

King Kong & The Cher Show Are Closing on Broadway