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Lady Gaga Stops by Stonewall to Remind the LGBTQ Community: ‘I Would Take a Bullet for You’

Lady Gaga has been in New York for all of Pride Week 2019, so we can only assume she is exhausted and dehydrated and shedding more glitter per square inch than should be medically possible. Still, she turned out with an impassioned speech at Friday’s Pride Week Stonewall Day concert and clearly gave it all she’s got. Just as she did at her concert Monday, the singer paid homage to Marsha P. Johnson, among other foremothers and fathers of the LGBTQ–rights movement.

“While we have made tremendous progress, we also find ourselves at a time when acts against the trans community are on an increasing rise. I will not tolerate this, and guess what? I know neither will you,” she told the crowd, vowing to help “change the system of an extremely oppressive administration.” Said Gaga, “True love is when you would take a bullet for someone, and you know I would take a bullet for you any day of the week.”

Lady Gaga Stops by Stonewall to Get You Hyped for Pride