Someone Tried to Steal Halle Berry’s Entire Gosh Darn House

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A man has bene arrested for attempting to steal Halle Berry’s house. Not stuff from her house, the whole g-d thing. Windows to wiring, 59-year-old Ronald Eugene Griffin was going to do a House Heist. At first I pictured some sort of Up-inspired balloon caper, but in reality he just forged a deed. TMZ reported that Griffin fabricated a deed and hired a locksmith to change the locks on Berry. He then called the cops and claimed Berry’s staff were trespassing on his property. “LAPD detectives quickly determined Griffin had fraudulently changed the title of the residence,” TMZ writes. Griffin had actually managed to get one lock changed before being caught. It’s a good thing for Griffin that Berry wasn’t home fresh from her John Wick 3 press tour, because Halle is scrappy and doesn’t even notice when she breaks bones.

Someone Tried to Steal Halle Berry’s Entire Gosh Dang House