Miranda Sings YouTube Star Colleen Ballinger Joins the Cast of Waitress on Broadway

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

If Miranda Sings thought she was the most talented woman alive before, she’s definitely not going to change her mind now. According to a video posted Friday, YouTube star Colleen Ballinger is reportedly making the leap dreamed about by every musical-theater nerd on the internet: She’s headed to Broadway. Ballinger will reportedly take over the role of Dawn in Waitress from Caitlin Houlahan later this summer, co-starring in the show from August 20 to September 15. Ballinger is most well known for her Seinfeld-approved character Miranda Sings, a bizarre, egotistical woman constantly beset by haters (in her mind, anyway) that served as the focus of Ballinger’s Netflix show Haters Back Off!, which ran for two seasons in 2016 and 2017. For now, at least, the haters fall silent.

Miranda Sings YouTuber Colleen Ballinger Heads to Waitress