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Nipsey Hussle’s Family Accepts His 2019 BET Humanitarian Award

Starting with the venue’s blue carpet, the rapper’s signature color, this year’s BET Awards had the memory of the late Nipsey Hussle on its mind. Hussle, born Ermias Asghedom, was killed on March 31 and on Sunday, the rapper’s family accepted the evening’s Humanitarian Award in his honor. “I was so amazed that so much love was out in the world that it uplifted me,” began his grandmother Margaret Boutte. “God said to Nipsey, ‘You’ve done your job, you’ve made your mark.’ So thank you so much, World, for loving him, too.”

Hussle’s longtime girlfriend Lauren London also thanked the crowd. “I just want to thank you guys for all of the love and support,” she said. “The marathon continues again.” Hussle’s mother Angelique Boutte Smith spoke, describing the intense spiritual experience of arriving at the crime scene where her son had been shot. “You know that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, right?,” she recalled telling one of her son’s grieving friends. The rapper’s father Dawit Asghedom concluded, “He wanted to be here so badly. Last year he made it to perform here and we were so happy for him. You recognize him and we appreciate that. The marathon continues.”

Nipsey Hussle’s Family Accepts His BET Humanitarian Award