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Gun Violence Victims Were Onstage During Oklahoma!’s Tonys Performance

The audience during a standard performance of Oklahoma! Photo: (c) Little Fang Photo

In addition to being dark and sexy and haunting, Broadway’s current revival of Oklahoma!, which won Best Musical Revival at the Tonys Sunday night, is committed to activism against gun violence. During Sunday night’s Tony Awards performance, the production sat a group of audience members onstage close to the actors, similar to the way the audience is seated during the show. That audience, as lead producer Eva Price revealed backstage, consisted of people who had been affected by gun violence. “Everyone in that audience, or most of the people in that onstage audience, are either victims, advocates, or have a connection to via family to gun violence,” Price said. Oklahoma! is Broadway’s first “gun neutral” production, which means that for every visible prop gun onstage, it makes a donation to organizations “committed to helping solve the gun violence crisis by destroying firearms that should be out of circulation.” “It was important to us to keep bringing our advocacy and the impact program that’s within our show as relates to gun neutral into our performance tonight,” Price said. “We had kids from Parkland, March for Our Lives, Everytown, mom groups against violence, actual victims, really inspiring people.”

Oklahoma!’s Tonys Performance Included Gun Violence Victims