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Aubrey Plaza Creates the Purrrrrrfect Ruse to Lick Stephen Colbert

Just when we thought we could finally entice Aubrey Plaza to do a movie about a wealthy widow with a very terrible secret, in she comes with another set of cinematic demands: Catwoman. And Catwoman only. Well, not really. As she tells Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, she’s not actually interested in the role, and the speculation has mostly been fodder for entertainment blogs from some old interview quotes of hers.

“I’m just not even gonna try to get that part,” she admitted. “There’s no way in hell they’re gonna cast me.” But that doesn’t stop her from seductively donning cat ears, pawing at a toy, and licking Colbert’s face anyway. She’s needs to use this as leverage for something.

Aubrey Plaza Creates Perfect Ruse to Lick Stephen Colbert