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Russian Doll Gets a Second Season So We Can Live in an Eternal Loop With Natasha Lyonne

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Orange Is the New Black might be ending, but Netflix is making sure you have a steady stream of Natasha Lyonne content for at least a little bit longer. The streamer renewed Russian Doll for an eight-episode second season, with the news coming today from Lyonne and a Netflix exec at the Recode tech conference. The star didn’t give any details for what’s to come beyond saying, “Same show, just weirder.” Doll’s co-creators previously told The Hollywood Reporter that they pitched the show to Netflix as a three-season arc with, “Nadia was a presence throughout all three of them.” Fortunately, Lyonne is a pretty good person to be stuck with in an infinite time loop.

Russian Doll Is Getting a Second Season