Tim Robinson Reveals Some of His Weirdest Rejected SNL Sketch Ideas

In case you missed it, former Saturday Night Live writer and cast member Tim Robinson stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday to chat about his wonderfully weird and extremely GIF-able Netflix sketch-comedy show I Think You Should Leave. When the conversation turned to his days working at SNL, Robinson told Kimmel about pitching hosts something he calls “fake ideas,” which are the sketch ideas he’d pitch at the start of the week under the assumption that they’d absolutely never get made — which also meant they could be as bizarre as he wanted. And if you’re familiar with the delightfully odd I Think You Should Leave, it should come as no surprise that Robinson’s rejected “fake ideas” did not hold back on weirdness — like his idea for a sketch about an “intentional walk cage” instead of a batting cage (“So you would just go in and it would shoot four balls outside of your range”), the Blue Devils (like the Blue Angels, except submarines), and a “leather life jacket for when cool guys fall off a boat.” (Dear Seth Meyers: Please consider resurrecting “Second Chance Theatre” to turn this leather life jacket idea into the real sketch it deserves to be.)

Make sure to watch until the very end of the clip, when Robinson gives Kimmel some updates on his kids. Penny, it turns out, is still churning out comedy gold on her dad’s Instagram, while Buster apparently is a budding comedy critic — at least when it comes to his dad’s show. “Early on when I was watching a first edit of it, my son watched it over my shoulder and he was like, ‘You’re a real craphead in that,’” Robinson says. “I was like, ‘Yeah, the whole show I’m a real craphead.’”

Tim Robinson Reveals Some of His Rejected SNL Sketch Ideas