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Sophie Turner Whispers ‘Onions’ Over Sewer Drains and It’s Worked So Far

Sophie Turner is a successful movie and television actress who has never, ever been sucked into a sewer drain. How, you ask? Well, on Tuesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! the cast of Dark Phoenix discussed their fears, and Turner took the opportunity to share the magic spell that has continually spared her from the wrath of the sewer gods: She says “onions” when she walks over them. You see, ever since she was a child, she has believed that in order to “reverse the curse” of walking over a drain, you have to say, out loud, the word “onions.” Yes, it sounds a little out there, but again, she has clearly avoided living under a massive sewer-drain curse for most of her life, all thanks to this one weird trick. So really, it’d be silly if we didn’t all start doing this immediately.

Sophie Turner Whispers ‘Onions’ Over Sewer Drains