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Taylor Swift Teases a Proud, Rainbow-Soaked ‘You Need to Calm Down’ Video

The Taylor Swift album-promotion machine is as relentless and inspiring as the fight for gay rights in America. At midnight on Thursday, Taylor Swift released her equality anthem (?) “You Need to Calm Down” before performing Friday night for Jesse Tyler Ferguson at Stonewall. Now, once again, she is giving us a weekend to gag at the mood board for her new music video. The video for “You Need to Calm Down” drops Monday and will be a vision of rainbows and crowns. And tea, natch. Last time Tay-Tay gave us snapshots ahead of the video release, what we thought were cryptic hints turned out to be stills from the video itself. Yes, even the chickens in sunglasses. So expect a tea service in a trailer park on Monday morning — with funfetti cake, back tattoos, and more rainbow sequins than the human mind can comprehend.

Taylor Swift Teases ‘You Need to Calm Down’ Music Video