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The Bachelorette Knows We All Hate Luke P, So His Demise Is Revealed in This New Trailer

In an unprecedented move that was likely caused by the mass onslaught of fan criticism for current Bachelorette contestant Luke “Let Me Gaslight You” P., the show released a new trailer that reveals, yes, he’s indeed going to leave the show soon. (Obviously, stop reading if you don’t want more details.) While we don’t know the full extent of the situation that leads to Hannah Brown sendin’ his ass packing, the general gist is this: During the evening portion of a future one-on-one date abroad, Luke P. tells Hannah that, if she had sexual relations with another contestant, it would be unacceptable.

“I wanna make sure she’s not sleeping around. I don’t think she would ever do that, but I want to make sure,” he says during a pre-date confessional interview, winding up for a confrontation that culminates in Brown flipping him off and angrily escorting him to a production van. “Let’s talk about sex, and how the marriage bed should be kept pure. Let’s say you have had sex with one or more of these guys, I’d be wanting to go home,” Luke says during the dinner date, to which Brown responds: “I don’t owe you anything. My husband would never say what you said to me. I have had sex, and honestly, Jesus still loves me.” Luke may have willingly departed after that, but an additional scene speaks to an ominous third-act twist: He returns, without an invitation, to propose to Brown with a non–Neil Lane–sanctioned ring. Meanwhile, all of our salmon jacket boys are very nice and drama-free.

This New Bachelorette Trailer Reveals the Demise of Luke P