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Which Melora Hardin HBIC Said It: The Office’s Jan or The Bold Type’s Jacqueline?

Photo: Vulture, NBC and Freeform

Let’s face it: It would be an honor to be yelled at by Melora Hardin’s ball-busting, well-coiffed TV bosses, although we should probably hide our trophies and plasma screens if one of them ever comes over for dinner. The Bold Type’s Jacqueline Carlyle is, no question, the superior boss. She reigns over the Manhattan media world with a good heart, and was never fired for smoking too much in her office. (That we know of.) The Office’s Jan Levinson, however, has the passion and the chutzpah, even if it’s not for paper and can lean toward the erratic. But if we were to give you a quote from either Hardin HBIC, would you be able to choose correctly? We’ll see.

Which HBIC Said It: The Office’s Jan or The Bold Type’s Jacqueline?

We'll give you the quote, and you guess the J lady who said it.

“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”
“It’s amazing to me that in this day and age you could be so obtuse about sexual orientation.”
“I expect you to unleash holy hell.”
“You know what? I love the beard. Keep it forever.”
“You need to catch your breath, take an hour, fall apart, come back.”
“What did I tell you about ‘yeppers’?”
“If you can’t do it with feeling, don’t.”
“You’re a severance-package person.”
“I expect you to forget anything that you think may have happened between us.”
“I can’t say I’ve ever felt powerless. More like curious.”

Which HBIC Said It: Office’s Jan or Bold Type’s Jacqueline?